The Wacky Wizard Comedy Magical Experience

The Wacky Wizard Comedy magical Experience

A comedy magic show for kids (Ages 3 to 10)

An all new comedy magic show for kids, perfect for libraries, summer camps & daycare schools. (Also available for birthday parties). This show is available during the 2020 season, starting in May (May – August) Available in the Dallas, Fort Worth & North Texas area.

Your kids will be laughing out loud as The Wacky Wizard performs his comedy magic experience.

The cost is $200 for a 40 minute show. *Add a second shorter version 20 minute show for younger kids, 3 and under, for just $50 more ($250 total)

*Second show for younger kids must be performed at the same location immediately before, or after the main 40 minute show.

Call now 214-995-8415, or fill out the form to below to check for availability & secure your date/time.

Wacky Wizard Magical Experience
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