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Checkers the Magician is one of the best children’s magicians in Dallas, with more than 30 years of experience doing parties and events.

Everyone in Dallas loves a magic show. There are a lot of choices when it comes to children’s entertainment, but a good magic show can entertain both kids and adults. Many times a magician will specialize in a certain type of magic, such as children’s magic, or walk-around magic, so when you are hiring a magician, make sure you ask what type of magic do they perform. If you are just trying to entertain kids, then a children’s magician would be your best choice.

Children’s magicians tend to stay away from card tricks and mind reading tricks.

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Checkers the Magician
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A children’s magician is more likely to use different colors, rather than playing cards. Kids love to see things disappear or change color, while adults are more interested in mentalist, mind reading tricks, and more advanced card tricks.  Kids also love slap-stick comedy magic.  Many times a children’s magician is also a clown. Children’s magician usually get the kids involved with the tricks, by allowing them to assist with the magic.  Many times a children’s magician will actually teach the kids how to do a magic trick, so the can impress their mom and dad when they get back home.

Most children’s magicians will perform a 30 to 40 minute show.

Expect to spend from $200 to $500.  Many magicians bring their own special lighting, background props and sound equipment. Some magicians even have an assistant to help with the show.  Stage shows tend to be more expensive because of the cost of  the equipment and large props, while a walk-around magician can often work alone with very little set-up time.

A magic show can entertain everyone at the same time.

This is much different from face painting or balloon twisting, where each child has to take their turn.  A magic show gets everyone’s attention, and keeps everyone entertained at once.  This is often a better choice when you have a lot of kids to entertain, with a small amount of time.  For example, a face painter can produce about 12 to 15 paintings in an hour, and a balloon twister can make about 20 to 30 balloons per hour, while a magician can entertain hundreds of people in half the time.

Most magicians have videos on You-Tube.

Are you interested in hiring a magician? Just about every magician I know has videos on You-Tube. I recommend watching a few videos before hiring a magician.  In fact, in today’s world, I would be very skeptical of anyone claiming to be a magician if they didn’t have a video sample of their show.  Don’t expect to see an entire show, most magicians will put just one or two tricks on video to give you an idea of their magic skills and style.

Book your magician as soon as you get a time, date and location.

If you plan to have a magic show at your event, book as soon as you can.  Good magicians stay pretty busy, many of them are booked solid several weeks in advance. If you wait until the last-minute, you might have a hard time finding a magician that would have the skills you are looking for.  Also if you are looking for walk-around, close-up magician, then don’t pick a someone who only has stage magic videos online, and vice-verse.   As a general rule, stage magicians will charge more than walk-around magicians simply because they put more money into their shows, in terms of backdrops, lighting, and a sound system.  Also their tricks cost more to develop.

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